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Executive Summary There are many factors to consider when it comes down to running a successful business such as organizational behavior, marketing strategy, and economics and finance. Organizational behavior is aimed at elevating employees’ performance and organizational commitment. The marketing strategy used by a business to reach out to their target market(s), remain competitive, and make a profit. Economics and finance make it possible for businesses to apply and use various metrics to doing business to remain efficient and competitive. Many people are involved in the success of a business. The shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers are all involved in the process of making a business successful. According to Kaplan & Norton (1996)The balance scorecard is the big picture that incorporates customers, internal business processes, and learning and growth to meet a business’s goals and objectives (Para .1). Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company. A majority of the company’s services are provided to the US Department of Defense and U.S. Federal agencies across the country and abroad. According to an article on the Washington Technology (2012) website, Lockheed Martin is the number one contracting company in the U.S. and has 17B worth of contracts (n.p.). Lockheed Martin is ahead of its competitors. The company uses…show more content…
This paper will examine the aspects of the balanced scorecard that Lockheed Martin incorporates into its business to make the company a success. References Kaplan, R.S., & Norton, D.P. (1996, January/February). Using the balanced scorecard as a strategic management system. Harvard Business Review, 74(1).(B) Washington Technology. (2012). 2011 Washington Technology top 100. Retrieved from

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