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Jet Blue Case Study 1 Running Head: Jet Blue Case Study Jet Blue Case Study Sherri Ashby The George Washington University Dr. David Hays HOL 283 November 20, 2007 Jet Blue Case Study 2 Jet Blue Case Study In February of 1999, David Neeleman announces plans to start his new airline service which would “combine common sense with innovation and technology (Gittell/O’Reilly). Mr. Neeleman believed that combining innovation with technology he would be able to create an airline that would forces on giving passengers a positive travel experience with great service. To accomplish this he would have to focus on many things. The first thing that Mr. Neeleman had to do was to put together a team that would share is vision. In order to do that he must establish himself as a visionary. In chapter 5 of The Art of Leadership, we learn in order to be an effective leader we must have a vision and be able to communicate it. This would begin with establishing a positive and focused vision which has clarity. Mr. Neeleman has recognized the need for change, he has created a clear and positive vision, and now he is empowering structures and process. Mr. Neeleman begins by putting together a team who believes in is vision and are not new to the airline industry. By hiring this team, Mr. Neeleman is able to capitalize upon this expert experience which enables him to build JetBlue so fast. Is growth always good? No, growth is not always good, but in this case it was. JetBlue was able to grow

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