Smb400 Final Project 1 Research Paper

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Final Project 1 Final Project Tad A. Zeller Colorado State University SMB400 October 1, 2012 Dr. Mike Powers Final Project 2 “Starting a new business from the ground level is potentially the most challenging career move a person can make. Keeping that business going strong and helping it grow require dedication, a lot of time and the implementation of sound financial strategies. Too often, small business owners get so caught up in the venture itself; they overlook the finance…show more content…
By consolidation and retention of the competition, Service Experts was able to capture market share in the HVAC service. Service Experts made a brilliant move on the behalf of obtaining contractors that they have groomed and set up for success. This drove the growth strategy for the company, acquire and conquer are strategies that are used all too often in business. It can be seen as a process of forward integration, but in a service based module, and not a manufacturing base sense. The growth strategy of capturing market share and growing revenue to increase business presence in the market was achieved for Service Experts. When the founders though that they had a proven business module and growth strategies in place they decide to take the company public to further increase capital and obtain growth. All of these strategies proved to be a win success for the company, for it grew to revenues of $60 million after going public. What did Abrams franchise? Why does the research show that buying a good franchise is less risky than starting a business? Abrams decided to create a company called VenVest as a venture capital group. This was the initial phase of his idea. Once VenVest was off and running, Abrams changed the name to Final Project

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