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Introduction Shearwater Adventures Ltd conducts outdoor adventures in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The company grew to dominate outdoor adventure market in Victoria Falls and also became the most well-known adventure tour operator in all of Africa under the leadership of Allen Roberts. Roberts assumed the role of CEO, taking a 25% stake in the company when his partner Mike Davis left the partnership to pursue new ventures in 2000. Although Sheawater’s sale had risen in the last two years, the issue at hand was how to continue to dominate the market while maintaining its reputation as a successful outdoor adventures operator because the company had many competitors in the outdoor adventures business. Broad Differentiation Strategy Word of mouth played an important role for Shearwater Adventures in new sales. Besides advertising on local level, it also partnered with leading operators to boost its reputation and reach a wider audience. Roberts considered acquiring other companies and he continued to build a sold management team by attracting the right person to the right job. By offering far more adventures than its competitor, Shearwater Adventures had been differentiated from others which had only three options to offer at most. Therefore, Roberts’s selection to achieve competitive advantage via broad differentiation strategy is proven to be successful based on 2006 positive net profit. It has also increased its number of customers by 16% from 36,056. Apart from white-water rafting, boating and riding elephants which are commonly offered by other competitors, Shearwater Adventures include a wider range of activities such as bungee jumping, skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, horseback riding and safaris. This move allows more customers (various age, gender, interests) with a diversity of preferences to make bookings with Shearwater Adventures for its wide

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