Is Plan B a Smart Way to Go?

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Is Plan B a Smart way to go? Plan B careers are not always what is seems to be. There are long hours, low pay and no benefits. One is not only his or her own boss, but now they are the accountant, sales director, marketing manager and major other roles that comes along with owning your own business. The article “Maybe It’s Time for Plan C” by Alex William outlines the ups and downs of starting your own business. The enchantment is evident: independence and completion. There are times when highs can be high. However, career switchers found that going on your own comes with its own consequence: a precipitous learning curve, no financial security, physical exhaustion and emotional downfalls. The dream job is more of a “job” as much as it is a “dream.” After I read the article, I have come to conclusion that sometimes you will go through obstacles. Owning your own business/company causes you to have unreliable income, no social life and no benefits. Say goodbye to a consistent and predictable income. No job is 100% secure and there is a good argument that being in control of your income via your own small business is more secure than a job. On any given day there is no certainty that you will make a great amount of money. Even the oldest most established business cannot be assured that sales will keep coming. From week to week you go up and down and are never sure when or where your next sale will come from. You can have great months and bad months and the only constant is unpredictability. I believe that a steady pay check feels a lot more secure than the ups and downs of your own business. Your business is your life. When you leave work you leave work. Small business owners live and breathe their business so they don’t ever really leave work. When you start your business you would not be working 9-5 or even 8-6. Early on in your “business career”

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