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1. Spin Master is one of the largest toymaker companies in Canada. It was founded in 1994 by a young and ambitious group of friends by the names of Ronnen Harary, Anton Rabie, and Ben Varadi. Their goal was to prove that they could grow a global corporation in a very competitive industry, and they accomplished it without a doubt. One of the key decisions they made in order to make their company a success was the strategy they used to market their products. They consistently used a specific routine in order to get the highest amount of sales for their product and this strategy is known as programmed decision making. Program decision making is making the same decisions consistently in order to achieve the same outcome as previous experiences. In this case, they applied it to the marketing aspects of their company. The first marketing strategy the company used was selling their earth buddy product in roots and that turned out to be a hit, but they wanted more. So for their second product, the devil stick, they decided to do something a little different through the grassroots marketing campaign by gathering a group of students and sending them across North America, promoting their product at different events. This strategy was a bigger success. Therefore they continued this routine for their other products such as Air hogs and Mighty Beans in order to result with the same outcome as the Devil Sticks. Because they decided to utilize their past experience of sales of the Devil Sticks, they developed a routine to use the same strategy consistently with their newer products in order to achieve great success. Thus, it is clear that this group of entrepreneurs used programmed decision making. 2. It is no surprise that Spin Master is doing exceptionally well in the retail industry. They were successful in transforming their home based company into a multi-million dollar

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