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Market General Mills is the number 3 biggest company in consumer food industry in the United States. Its annual revenue is around 24 billion and employees 31000 people. It is the biggest breakfast food manufacturer and the biggest breakfast Cereal maker. The main competition that General mills enjoys is from Kellogg in cereal Segment and in the industry from Nestle, Kraft, Campbell, ConAgro, Frito-lay. In comparison to other companies in the same industry General mill is USA based and largely the revenue is from U.S based sales. It partners with Nestle in its international sales. In contrast to the others which do equal sales in U.S and outside. The consumer industry is structured in a way that each company dominated a particular segment but makes everything else. Example General Mills dominates Cereal while Frito-lay dominates Snacks/chips, Kraft dominates cheese based, ConAgro dominates Corn based products like popcorn, and finally Campbell dominates Soup and vegetable drinks. Nestle is the rightful market leader in terms of Size and number of brands its revenue is 141 billion nearly 6 times of General mills. They compete in various segments like Ice Cream, Packages food, Frozen Food. But in the last two years General Mills has changed the industry with its Acquisition of Yoplait and making it one of the biggest Yogurt brands in U.S. they increased the market share considerably to worry Dannon the Yogurt market leader. General Mills made 4 basic changes to position themselves better and increase their market cap. First they increased there productivity in all aspects of the business e.g. finance, logistics, operations management etc. secondly it started aggressive promotional strategies to win the hearts of its customers and encourage sales. This was done to combat Kellogg’s new Special K (Healthy products line). Thirdly they kept a check on their waste and

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