Argumentative Essay Between Starbucks And Dunkin D

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What is it about starbucks coffee that makes it better than dunkin donuts coffee. Although many people argue about which coffee is better. Starbuks is the clear winner. supports of dankin donuts will disagree, they belive that their products are far superior because it cost less and they are the king of donuts. According to starbuks is an international company that has 17009 branches all over the world (2011). Dankin Dounts states that they are cheaper than starbuks, that maybe true but dankin dounts is cost less money. Starbuks have more variety of products by this I mean starbuks has more things to choose from. For instance, dankin Dounts only has one flavor, starbuks has a multitude of flavor. Since they have many different types of coffee they got more customers. Dankin Dounts claims to be the king of doughnuts. Although starbuks doesn't have doughnuts, it has various types pasties. What I mean by this is the store has scones, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and croissants. For instance, they sell petite vanilla bean scone. One day my friend Jesus went to starbuks there was so many things to choose from he couldn't decide. So, he bought one of each. In conclusion, besides starbuks being better than dankin dounts you can find one anywhere. People prefer to go to starbuks not only for the variety of baked goods and coffee they also love the atmosphere, and the fact that they are eco friendly. Next time you walk by starbuks go in and try one of their delicious

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