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About Russell Hobbs: Russell Hobbs ltd is a UK based private company established in 1952 by Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs. In 1952, they designed the world's first automatic coffee percolator, the CP1.( About us Official Russell Hobbs website) Russell Hobbs has been tantamount with quality, style and innovation for the kitchen and home for over fifty years. The brand led the way by introducing products which offer real consumer reimbursement and technological advancements to make life in the home easier and more enjoyable. Throughout the decades, in kettles and toasters manufacturing they took the No 1 place, and today they admitted themselves as a leading brand in this area. With this superior track record and legacy, they have since become a leading brand in irons, food preparation and now floor care. And they extend their business in other markets, such as heating, cookware and bake ware. ( Today Russell Hobbs boasts an extraordinary product portfolio and is continuing to develop into new categories. From kettles and toasters to cooking, cleaning and garment care, each and every product is intended with the consumer in mind to offer the decisive in performance, practicality, ease of use and style.( The name of Russell Hobbs recognised as a leading small kitchen appliance brand in the UK by nine out of ten consumers and has won many awards and product accreditations by leading institutes and organisations. From day one the company was always in profit. It because of the understanding capability of customer needs and demand. And also the new product innovation through introducing new technology their products are always successful in the market. From last 50 years they are the leading kettle maker in Great Britain. And from the foundation of their business they always try to make

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