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Running Head: ABC, INC. CASE STUDY 1 ABC, Inc. Case Study Randolph Coppett COM215/Essentials of College Writing 27 Feb 2014 Valery Reed ABC, INC. CASE STUDY 2 Introduction ABC, Inc. is a progressive company that relies heavily on its recruiters to bring the best possible talent they can find into our fold. Our recruiters are the heart and soul of our company. They work very hard to give us the edge in our target areas and help to keep us at the forefront of a very competitive market by finding the best employees available to push our product to the masses. One of the ways we ensure our production stays high is that we hire the best recruiters on the planet, who in turn bring other like-minded people into our company. That is a huge part of our formula for success. In order to keep a competitive edge, we as a company have to stay sharp. Our recruiting department is staffed by people that we feel can bring in the best talent available to keep us running strong. Our recruiters are diligent, confident, and committed to our success as a company. While problems do arise, as they do with any business, we have full faith that the people we hire can fix any problem, anywhere, at any time. Problem Carl Robins, campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., has successfully recruited 15 new hires. The new hires will all work for Monica Carroll, the Operations Supervisor. Carl scheduled a new hire orientation for June 15, hoping to have all new hires working by July. Monica contacted Carl on May 15 inquiring as to whether everything was in order for the training to take place the following month. Carl assured Monica he was taking care of all scheduling for the training and that everything would be arranged in time. While attempting to finalize the paperwork for the upcoming training for the new hires, Carl realized that the paperwork for several new hires

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