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Oumou Toure Case study 5: Under Armour January 25th 2015 Under Armour Case Analysis After reading the case, I came up with the analysis on the porter’s five competitive forces; Under Armour has a medium to high intensity of competitive rivalry within the industry. The bargaining power of customer has an intensity of medium; the treat of new and potential competitors is medium. The bargaining power of suppliers is very low to medium and last one; the threat of substitute product is low. Under armor does not carry patent rights however, Nike and Adidas do have patent rights. For that reason, Under Armour apparels can be copied very easily, which is not a good image for the company. Nike and Adidas are tow companies that are doing their best to get market share in the industry while under Armour has already great resources, wholesales, independent sales, end customers all over the world. The core competencies of Under Armour I could come up with are first; the CEO Kevin plank was a former athlete so he knows the industry very well. Second, they have products development and a lot of innovations. The company is also very successful in performance and market campaign. Under Armour company has also product performance, brand image, in-house Marketing and brand promotion. The SWOT analysis of the company: Strength: - Their fabrics are designs and styles to fit all the climates -Innovation and technology, which is the primary key of the company success and expansion - Products performance, brand image Core competence in research development Weakness * The product line is designed for mostly males customers so its very limited * Product line expansion Opportunities * By expanding their product line they can increase sales and product portfolio * Expand Globally Threats * Very intense competition with Nike, Adidas and many others *

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