Contemporary Issues in Nursing Leadership in Nursing Practice

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Leadership plays an important role in nursing. This essay will define leadership and how leadership qualities relate to nursing practice in order to help nurse leaders to work effectively with in nursing environment. Furthermore, the will discuss how the key characteristics influence followers to work commonly in a group for a specific goal. Moreover, these qualities help them to Leadership is defined as personal skills which can be helpful to influence other people to the leadership benefits. It can effectively take the people in the same direction, sharing the same goals. (Lansdale, 2003). In this way, the important task of a leader is to make an action plan and encourage the team members to achieve the negotiated goals. Leadership is a major concern to the health care system. Its style is based on personal, professional and organisational value system because leaders provide shape to clinical practice with their qualities. Using their own skills leaders can easily address the needs of patients and colleagues. Leadership reflects the values of people, organizations and societies in which the leaders are working. In order to work effectively and to avoid the risk of conflict, the leaders always need to become acquainted with the values and beliefs of the individuals and organisation with whom they are working. (Stanley, 2008). Moreover, a leader uses interpersonal skills and specific behaviour for the purpose of effectiveness within profession. Because of this, the quality of leaders has a crucial role in influencing others. These qualities give them authority to work and develop their strategies effectively. (Daly, Speedy, Jackson, 2010). There are ten essential qualities which influence the work of a leader in a professional environment. First of all, a leader must have integrity which means leader should be honest and trustworthy. As, these key values are

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