How to Represent Ethics in Healthcare and Why It Is Important.

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Why would an ethical code give patient/family members confidence in an organization? The healthcare profession is represented by every professional within the industry when in contact with a patient or family member. As professionals, we play a vital role within the community and have an ethical obligation to ensure confidentiality, quality of care and people skills. When a family or patient are treated unfairly or are given the feeling that the healthcare professionals are not representing them with dignity and respect these interactions can breach the confidence. Therefore, if the ethical code is followed by healthcare professionals, patient and/or family members can develop confidence in their standard of care. Representation of ethical code by healthcare professionals develops patient/family confidence and provides a positive community identity. How does the organization reflect ownership and practice of ethical standards? When ethical code is written well for interpretation, employees can better apply and practice. More importantly, the organization should provide training sessions to employees to enhance their comprehension of the ethical code and values within the entity. Reflection of the ethical code is represented by communication from executives and managers and by interaction with employees, patient/family members and other healthcare professionals. Do we just post it on the door? How does an organization reflect ethical standards? Not only do you post the code of ethics on the door but also it is represented by actions and words. Employees are the representation of the entity. Compliance of the ethical code by moral decision-making, attitude, personality, preservation of patient rights and confidentiality is important to promote confidence and a positive reputation within the healthcare community and
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