The Role of Nurses When Using Nursing Process to Deliver Care

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The Role of Nurses When Using Nursing Process to Deliver Care

The nursing process is now an integral part of nursing practice worldwide. It is defined as a systematic technique of planning, providing, and assessing care for patients (Carpenito-Moyet, 2007). It is a problem-solving method developed to help nurses to logically approach situations. It is by nature cyclic, theoretically based, dynamic, flexible, and goal-oriented.

The nursing process is beneficial to the patient, the nurse, and the nursing profession. It ensures that a high quality of care is provided to patients and enhances the patient’s participation in all stages of the process. It provides personal and professional growth to nurses and leads to job satisfaction. For the nursing profession, the nursing process contributes to the autonomy of the profession and defines the scope of the nursing practice.

The nursing process includes four phases: assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of care (Habermann and Uys, 2005). These four steps are parts of a continuous and overlapping process. They are interconnected with each other and none of them is a separate entity.

This essay discusses the roles of nurses when utilising the nursing process when providing care to patients. The roles of nurses in each phase of the nursing process will be discussed. Skills and qualities of nurses in delivering quality care, evidence-based practice, multi-disciplinary team approach, and effective communication will also be considered in relation to nursing process.

Assessment is the first step of the nursing process. It is defined by Carpenito-Moyet (2007) as an organised technique to collect information about a patient from different sources. In this phase, evidence of the problem and risks for problems are being examined. Through assessment, nurses develop a database of the patient’s

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