Theraputic Communication in Nursing

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Therapeutic communication is the corner stone of good practice and paramount to the provision of good care. Doheny et al.(2007) observed that when certain skills are used to facilitate communication between nurse and client in a goal directed manner,the therapeutic communication process occurs. According to McCabe (2004) patient centred communication is a basic component of nursing and facilitates the development of a positive nurse - patient relationship. Nurses have a great opportunity to shape the future of the nursing practice through therapeutic communication Armold&Boggs, (2011). While nursing is fundamentally about communicating care and care is at the heart of the nurse client relationship, many problems still remain in the clinical area due to a lack of effective communication. This is supported by Crawford,( 1998).Communication is a key skill of modern nursing practice. Therapeutic Communication is one of the most valuable tools that nurses have to build good interpersonal relationship or trust. I felt the need to develop therapeutic relationship with the patients so that they could feel they could put their trust in me ,also that I was there to listen and talk to them not just care for them.Cutcliff and Mckenna
(2005) states that you can gain comfort from drawing on your interpersonal skills, having strength and endurance, feeling self confident , having sufficient competence,beingpeace and ease with oneself and also having a sense of being valued and useful. The concept of communication is an essential part of every profession, and it is required to foster and maintain healthy relationships.Jasmine,(2009).

All nursing graduates are expected to be reflective practitioners.Government of Ireland(2000). JohnC (2009) states that reflection is learning through our everyday experience towards

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