Constructing Meaning Strategies

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1) Create a chart and list 14 strategies and activities that Customer Question 1) Create a chart and list 14 strategies and activities that you can use to help your student construct meaning through reading and writing. 2) Some strategies might include: a) Fix-up strategies b) Question generating c) Inference 3) For each strategy listed, describe an activity and one form of assessment for each activity. 4) This assignment uses a grading rubric that can be viewed at the assignment's drop box. Submitted: 1 year ago. Strategies For Constructing Meaning Reading and Writing Strategy #1 K-W-L Technique In this activity the students will think of what they are going to read and their knowledge of the subject before reading. Each student writes on a sheet of paper what he or she wants to learn from the reading. Students read the lesson silently and write what they have learned after they read. Assessment: Students reads & explains their K-W-L chart to the class Strategy #2 Create Graphic Organizers In this activity the teacher should choose the graphic organizer. One very basic and useful organizer is the Venn Diagram. The students choose two elements of the reading and write in the Venn Diagram differences and similarities. This is an excellent compare and contrast strategy. Assessment: Students switch with a partner to compare information on their Venn Diagrams Strategy #3 Student Journals Student's maintain a personnel journal for the books that they read. In the journal the students must write what they have learned, how they feel about the content, and the meaning of the book. Assessment: Student reads journal to class and teacher grades writing portion for grammar rules Strategy #4 Question List Together, as a class, before and during reading, generate a list of questions about the book. The questions should be

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