Schema Activation Activities

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Schema Activation Activities Elizabeth E. Laird Grand Canyon University RDG583: Teaching Reading in the Content Area May 26, 2010 Abstract Schema refers to a developmental system where information and memory are stored. To build a student’s schema is of primary importance for the student to make connections with their prior knowledge and experiences they have encountered. Best teaching practices encourage teachers to activate prior knowledge enabling students to make those connections thereby building their schema. The following paper details anticipation guides a teacher may use within the classroom to engage students’ prior knowledge and build their schema. Schema Activation Activities Students who are unfamiliar with reading content based texts are often unwilling to complete reading assignments, and frequently feel at a loss for successfully analyzing and retaining the material they have read (Vacca, 2002). Successful teachers engage students in pre-reading activities which will assist in activating their prior knowledge of a subject before the reading assignment. These pre-reading activities are designed to not only engage a student’s prior knowledge, but build their schema as well. It is vital for teachers to implement pre-reading activities and develop effective relevant lessons which will incorporate the diverse backgrounds and cultures seen in today’s classrooms. Anticipation Guides The following activities are designed to increase the reader’s expectations of what they will encounter in their reading (Vacca, 2002). The activities listed below are prepared for the lessons found in the second grade text book, in the chapters How Living Things Grow and Change and Earth’s Weather and Seasons published by Scott Foeseman Science, adopted by the state of Florida as part of the acceptable curricula. Lesson 1, How Do
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