Literacy vs Reading

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Final Position Paper: Reading/Literacy Since the beginning of class my definitions of reading and literacy has changed. Literacy is listening, speaking, thinking, reading, writing, and soon technology. Reading is made up of five areas: phonemics, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension however the purpose of reading is to understand. The three major ideas from class that support my new definitions are from the class topics of reading and writing, comprehension and reading and the brain. During the class on reading and the brain we discussed what reading was and the five areas of reading. The brain is not naturally able to read; we must train and practice it to be able to derived meaning from text. Based on this statement alone I can now see how reading and literacy are similar. During the class on comprehension and reading and writing the notes and videos really helped me tie both literacy and reading together. When we watch the videos the teachers were thinking out loud and discussing the little voice in her head that tells her things while she is reading, like “oh I have no idea what I just read” or “hum I wonder who this person is?” or “wow that’s neat!”. The students were able to connect with her and start thinking about reading and listening to the voice inside their head they then wrote or discussed with a peer what they thought about the reading passage. A literacy activity I could do in my classroom would be a think aloud. I could explain exactly what I am thinking while reading a passage, then have the students read another passage and practice talking about what they read and where thinking to a peer. I could also incorporate highlighters or underlining strategies to incorporate note taking and thinking while reading into this lesson. After taking this course I now can see how literacy and reading are similar and build off each
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