A Brief Overview of Gardner's Theory

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A Brief Overview of Gardner’s Theory and Its Significance The theory multiple intelligence was proposed by Howard Gardner in his 1983 book called “Frame Of Minds.” The theory multiple intelligences as a model of intelligence that differentiates intelligence into (primary sensory) called “modalities” rather than a single dominated ability. Its significance according to Gardner, implicates that learning and teaching should focus on particular intelligence of each person. Summary of The Seven Intelligence Visual – Art and design, students who prefer to work with drawings or an image. Linguistic – Words, students who express themselves through writing. Logical – Numbers and math, students that are good with mathematics and express their learning ability with numbers. Bodily – Action, movement, students that learn by body expressions. Sports, motion of the hands And facial expressions ect. Musical – Tone and Rhythm, students that learn and express themselves through music. Interpersonal – Communicating with others, students who learn by communicating with peers. Intrapersonal – Self reflection, students that reflect on self experiences. Naturalistic – The world and nature, students who appreciate the world and nature. Two Intelligences That I Apply Most Closely To Me There are two intelligence that apply more closely to me and they are Visual and Linguistic. For example, imagine your teacher has assigned you to read a novel and then develop a project of your choice based on the book. One student immediantly decides to write a creative essay to depic several of the different sences of the book. Another student in the class decides to do a comic strip to depic several of his sences of the book. The tendency to choose

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