Sq3R Study Strategy

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SQ3R is the best-known study strategy as well as the most commonly used device for students to recall information from a chapter of text. Students use five steps- survey, question, read, recite, and review- to read and actually learn and reproduce information from the reading assignment. This strategy is very effective when done correctly. It is absolutely necessary that teachers teach students how to apply the steps and give them opportunities to practice using the SQ3R strategy correctly. Below are the five steps of SQ3R study strategy: Survey: Before reading the chapter, review everything in the chapter, such as the title, headings, subheadings, and charts. Students must make note of the main ideas that are presented to recall prior knowledge that they might have about the topic and have what they will read easy to access. Question: Students must question while surveying the chapter. Students turn each heading into a question before reading. Students must ask themselves, “What did my instructor say about this chapter or subject when it was assigned?” and “What do I already know about this subject?” Reading in order to find the answer gives students a purpose for reading. Read. As students begin to read, they must look for answers to the questions they asked in the prior step. Students will reread captions under pictures and graphs, note all underlined and bold printed words or phrases, and pay special attention to underlined, italicized, bold printed words or phrases. For more difficult passages, reading speed should be reduced. Any parts that are not clear should be reread. Students should only read one section at a time. Recite: Immediately after each section, students must ask themselves questions, orally or written, about what they have just read in their own words. They can take notes by paraphrasing the text. Review: Review is an ongoing process

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