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“Circular Stories” • Your motivation for selecting the activity I chose the writing activity “Circular Stories” because it was a topic that I had never heard of before so I wanted to explore the topic. Noticing that the writing activity had predictable series of events lead me to believe that “Circular Stories” dealt with motions of some sort. Needless to say, I found out that the activity entailed a round pattern that begin and end in the same. Just like the life cycle or the cycle of the seasons when everything returns to the starting point. This started my brains to think this is going to be an awesome activity. • A detailed description of the audiences that will be taught this lesson Building on students’ existing knowledge of plot structure and of cycles in other content areas, this lesson invites students to use a circle plot graphic organizer to explore the structure of this type of story. The cyclical nature of the stories is an excellent match for discussion of prediction and sequencing skills. After exploring the features of circular plot stories in this activity, students write their own stories individually or in small groups. “Since prediction is an important strategy used in the reading process, the teacher can demonstrate this strategy by stopping at significant points [in the story] and asking, ‘what do you think will happen next? As children internalize this question, they develop an anticipatory attitude toward print, making predictions as they read or listen to a text in order to generate meaning as the story unfolds”. Circular and cyclical plot stories are excellent resources for introducing student prediction strategies because of their repetitive nature. Some students call this “going out the same door you came in”. This repetition encourages students to predict the events in the story, and to predict these events with more success. By

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