Communication and Professional Relationships with Children

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Unit 1. Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, young people and Adults. Task 1. Effective communication is very important in building a positive relationship with children, young people and adults. The way in which we communicate with these different groups can be varied, but the basic principle remains the same. Relationship problems can develop when individuals have a lack of communication, or do not have the skills to communicate effectively. These skills include clear expression, good listening skills and being able to adapt to different situations. We communicate in different ways: The way we speak – tone of voice Gestures Body language Facial expressions The person we are communicating with needs to feel at ease and given the chance to communicate back with comfort and confidence. It is also important to listen and to use positive body language (may be shown by nodding etc) use the appropiate facial expressions and give eye contact. Adults need to show positive relationships with each other in front of children and young people so that the child can copy this behaviour as it will demonstrate what is expected and acceptable in relationship building. If good commincation exsisits between everyone involved (the child,the staff and parents/ carers) it may prevent misunderstanding and unnecessary worry. Developing a positive relationship with children is the main key to a happy and calm enviroment. Without a supportive and positive attitude there will be no trust and honesty between yourself and the
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