Coca-Cola Objective Essay

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Objectives and issues: According to their website, Coca-Cola’s objective is to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference. The people of Coca-Cola want to satisfy every customer that buys their product and to increase sales for long term financial stability. Some customers have not been so happy. There have been many cases files against the company and they have overcome all of them, as all of them have turned out to be proven not true. Some issues they have overcame are the criticism they have had against them for aggressively promoting to young children, high levels of pesticides in their products and building plants in countries that promote slave labor. In an effort to improve their image they partnered with the American Academy of Family Physicians but it only spun more criticism. Marketing Strategy: Coca-Cola doesn’t really have a targeted group to serve their product but wants every one of all ages and groups enjoy their products. Although most of their commercials consist of young people, they still consider all ages important to their sales. The positioning of their products is important for sales. Coca-Cola brand drinks consist of Coke, Sprite, Fanta and Diet Coke among many others. These are packaged in many different bottle sizes to best meet the needs of their customers. These include standard returnable bottles, litter returnable bottles, non-returnable bottles, plastic bottles or cans. These are sold in stores in 24 packs, 6 bottle packs or 12 bottle packs. Because the marketing mix is the most important marketing plan, Coca-Cola takes great pride in doing such. a. Product-businesses must decide on the core product, the actual product and the augmented product. The core product of Coca-Cola is a wide range of soft drinks. The actual product is the
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