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Fact sheet Powerade Powerade has been brought out in 1988 and manufactured by the Coco-Cola Company and had brought out these hydration drinks because the company Powerade want you to know how important it is to hydrate yourself before, during and after exercise. Since 2010 Powerade has increased 21.7% and is now one of America’s best-selling sports drinks. Powerade has decided to branch out to try and get the sales increased by asking people who compete in the Olympic Games to become the ambassadors of Powerade, like Jessica Ennis who is a European heptathlon champion. By asking these famous people it also advertises the brand. The consumer markets in which Powerade aim for is for the sporty people who need their energy boosting, as they are sold individually and in packs they are suitable for households and for individual consumption. The geographic segmentation for Powerade is worldwide. The reason for this is because so is Coco-Cola, and because Powerade is within that company Powerade is also distributed out worldwide. As the company sells business to business shipping the goods to stores this out Powerade in the demographic segmentation. Physiographic segmentation for Powerade would be for any gender not suitable for young children as its high in sugars and energy, and parents wouldn’t want their children being filled with all the sugars. The age suitable for this drink is 12+ because when some school children have a sports day this is a good hydration drink as it keeps them hydrated but sugars up as they do their sport, and as Powerade says it’s good for before exercise , during and afterwards. Geo-demographic will not affect the business in a bad way because it’s such a strong business and well known the more countries it goes to will make the profits of the company

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