Coach-Personal Narrative

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Name: Heath Kelly Date: 6/18/12 ID#:1202674 Coach I am exhausted I can’t do it. “Never say you can’t do anything Heath I know you have the effort son!” Coach Peebles hollered. Yes sir coach I will give it all I got. It was fourth quarter and we were down by six and all we needed was one touchdown and a PAT to win the game. The play was coming to me and everybody was depending on me. The quarterback called the play from the line as I lined up on the line. He said hut I started down the field as fast as I could I looked up and the ball was right where it was supposed to be. I caught it and had one man to beat I made one slight juke and I was gone! Touchdown!!! He had been dominating the whole game and wasn’t stopping. He had 650 rushing

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