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Detail Worldview Outline Eibylardo M. Funes Grand Canyon University CWV-101 20131221 Dr. Jeff Jibben Christian Worldview The Christian Worldview is usually many Christians view and meaning of the teaching of the bible. I often look at Worldview as majority of opinions from many Christian denominations and how they perceive the word of GOD and the teaching of the bible should be in related in today’s world. As a new Christians my views are in between and I’m just now learning GOD, so I fall in the category of Majority I believe and have Faith that they are true. Who is GOD and what are his characteristics? God is the father and the almighty; his characteristics are actually taught in the Bible. Everything that I have been…show more content…
When you pass away no one really knows what happens next, but the Bible tells you what happens if you take the word and believe and be forgiven of your sins that you will go to Heaven, it gives a sense of power of your life and meaning. What is the nature of the universe? I believe the we are more than matter, the way Mark Cosgrave explains” That if you believe the universe is nothing but matter, then you have no choice but to believe that human beings, who are part of the universe, are also mere matter” ( Foundations of Christian thoughts Page 33). This sentence really had me thinking on my own beliefs, I believe personally that we are more than mere matter, I believe in the Lord that created us in his image and that we are more then molecules, this is when Faith comes in to comfort the unknowing, and believe in the word of the Bible. How do you know what you know? How do you know what is…show more content…
As far as I can remember as a child I would always get a sensation of remorse whenever I was doing wrong, and that was before any explanation of doing wrong was. I believe that certain feeling is your soul, consciousness telling you that you are committing a sin. Life pointless or is there a purpose? Life is a journey full of obstacles and barriers; I also believe it’s a hallway with different choices of doors to creating your path, which the Lord has planned for you. As a Christian our lives are to serve and obey God’s Laws his commandments and the purpose is to get into heaven. This and now is only a test to see if your worthy to enter and inherit his praise. In conclusion: The overall view of this module I learned about the Christian Worldview and how Christianity is viewed in the world. The Bible timeline open thoughts on my own beliefs, and knowing that I am a Christian and find more about my personal views. The detail outline really made me focus on critical thinking of GOD and what I truly believe in accordance to worldview and notice that majority of my commitments are consistent with the beliefs of Christian Theism. References The Bible ‘The Bible Timeline:

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