Why God Called Me to the Ministry

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Why God Called Me to the Ministry? By Jose Elijah According to the Bible the Lord "calls" or summons people to do certain things. In a general sense God calls all men to receive the salvation and redemption that can be found only in His Son Jesus Christ. This calling is more than just an invitation, though, it is a command [Acts 17:30]. Thus God calls and commands all men everywhere to repent and receive Christ. Though this calling is for all men, it is a call to the individual. God personally and individually invites and commands each individual to partake of the blessings of His redemption. This call is given outwardly by the gospel [2Thes. 2:14] and inwardly by the Holy Spirit [Rev. 22:17]. Those who refuse God's gracious call will be eternally held accountable for their refusal [John 12:48]. After one has answered the call to salvation and received Christ, God calls him to other callings which are moral in mature and affect a believer’s attitude and conduct. He has called believers to "fellowship with Christ,” to "holiness,” to "liberty,” to "peace,” and to "virtue". Believers are to "walk worthy" of the calling they have received. But there is still another calling that is even more personal than the moral callings. It is God's call to the individual believer for a specific ministry. For many believers one of the most difficult and elusive things they ever encounter is determining the will of God for their life. Others seem to know the path God would have them travel, but hesitate to follow it. And some people quickly determine the will of God for them and immediately follow it. I was one of the people who didn’t know what God wanted from me specifically, until I started teaching Sunday school. I found out that I had a strong desire to read and study the Bible. Once God calls a person for a ministry he must enable him for service. God must enable him as he

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