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Christian Studies Essay Option #2 “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. John 3:16 With reference to the quotation above, outline how Christianity presents the central problem for human existence and explain how this problem is addressed in Christian teaching and practice. Christianity believes that the main problem that comes with human existence is the sin people accumulate throughout their daily lives. This sin, which is attained through bad deeds and the falling short of god’s standards, is the main issue in human existence as it not only creates problems in this life but can also create separation from god and eternal…show more content…
This is primarily done through teaching of Jesus Christ who according to Christian faith and the quote above was sent by god as the perfect sacrifice to atone for the multitude of sins committed by the human race giving humans a chance to be united with god once again through the grace of Jesus. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice due to the way he lived his life in the human form as he only brought good to society but was still persecuted. This persecution despite actually committing any sin resulted in the ideal sacrifice as Jesus Christ was able to suffer the burden of our sins for us in order to allow us to achieve eternal salvation. This act solves the problem of our sins as it offers redemption if we act in the correct way. This premise of redemption through Christ is thoroughly addressed throughout the Christian church through in depth study of the gospels on the life of Jesus Christ as this allows members of the religion to gain an increased grasp on what kind of person Jesus Christ was and what he accomplished. This has the effect of reaffirming the follower’s belief in Christ. The Christian faith also undergoes symbolic practises such as baptism which symbolically link its followers to Christ by participating a ritual he himself completed and stated that his followers should complete (Matthew 28:19 ). The Christian faith places significant emphasis on congregating to discuss the scriptures and the life and death of Jesus Christ which plays a significant role in a person developing an understanding how to achieve salvation through faith and live by gods

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