Sacred Texts In Christianity

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Sacred texts perform a number of important functions. Explain the role that scripture plays in Christianity. All variants of Christianity view the Bible as the basic source of belief and practice. The Bible is the central sacred text for Christians. The Bible is the basis for many major Christian beliefs; it is used in the liturgy of Christianity; it is the basis for prayer and it provides the guidelines for the behaviour of Christians. It is particularly in the context of sacramental liturgy or worship that the Bible is viewed as as important and sacred, for it is here where Christians celebrate the Eucharist, Mass and Lordʼs Supper. The Bible teaches them about the nature of God and the ministry and teachings of Jesus. Through the Bible, the basis of Christian Belief is interpreted and accepted by the adherents. The Bible teaches and illustrates Christian key beliefs and ideas. It is known to be the inspired Word of God, which sees the detailed formation of Christians key beliefs, most notably the nature of God, revelation, salvation, the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ, as well as the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ. Major principle beliefs include: God created all that is seen and unseen. Christians believe that God is the creator of the universe. This is based on various Bible passages. A second key belief is that Jesus is the Son of God and is one with God. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he is one with God, and that he was sent here for our salvation. In John 10:30, John the Apostle quotes Jesus as saying, "I and the Father are one." Another significant Christian belief is that Jesus suffered and was crucified. Jesus suffered and died for our sins. Jesus was falsely accused of being an anti-government rebel and, as explained in Matthew 27:23-56, he was brought to Pontius Pilate to be executed through crucifixion. He was
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