Theological Method John Wesley

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Theological Method of John Wesley Faith by experience is the central theme in theological method of John Wesley. John Wesley strongly believed that without real connection with God through meditation, the word of God, prayer, etc., faith becomes just an outward appearance which in turn separates the men further away from God. Theology of John Wesley starts with Scripture. It is the strong foundation of his belief. Scripture is the Word of God revealed to men and it is necessary for his/her salvation. Along with Scripture Wesley believed in prevenient grace. He strongly opposed the theology of predestination where only few are chosen by God and predestined for heaven or hell. In the next few paragraphs I will discuss these major topics of Wesley theology. True Christianity, is what most of the followers of Jesus Christ want to experience on daily basis. Some say that true Christianity must be achieved by hard work, good deeds, control of body and mind; not faith alone, but good works are needed for God’s justification. Wesley in turn will say, "Why, what signifies the form of godliness?" we readily answer, Nothing, if it be alone. But the absence of the form signifies much. It infallibly proves the absence of the power. For though the form may be without the power, yet the power cannot be without the form. Outward religion may be where inward is not; but if there is none without, there can be none within” (1). So many Christians still believe that in order to be loved by God one should do something first. No, God loves us for who we are. When the connection is created and God is allowed to enter into persons heart, then transformation occurs and lifestyle changes to a true Christianity. It is important to say that when people realize that they need to change they realize that it is sometimes easier to corrupt the Word of God so it will serve their purpose and

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