13 Articles Of Faith

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Mormons Ketisha Sapp HUM/130 University of Phoenix November 16, 2014 Pablo Cuadra Mormons The Mormon faith and religion was created by Joseph Smith. Throughout his lifetime, there were many things that led him to do so. He was born in 1805 to Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith. His family was very religious, which was also passed on to him. In 1820, he went into prayer where he had a vision of God and Jesus. Three years later, in 1823, he was visited by an angel named Moroni. This angel is said to be the son of Mormon, leader of the Nephites. This angel directed Joseph to a place where he dug up the Golden Plates. In 1827, that same angel instructed him on how to translate the Golden Plates. Those Golden Plates later became what is now known…show more content…
They are statements that summarize the beliefs of the religion. One of the beliefs found in those articles is the belief in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. They also have a belief that anyone can be saved if they believe in God and obey His laws and ordinances. Another article is the belief that both the Bible and Book of Mormon are the word of God. It is also believed that when God returns, Christ will reign on earth, and earth will be renewed and be the place of glory. One article says that a man can only preach the gospel if they are called by God. They believe in prophets, apostles, and pastors. They also believe in having faith in Jesus, repenting, baptism, and laying of hands. Mormons also believe in visions, healing, and speaking in tongues. Mormons believe in being honest, true, and doing good for all people. They believe in having kings, presidents, and leaders of the sort. They also believe in honoring and obeying the laws of the land. They believe in worshipping God in the way that they are taught to do so, and allowing others of different religions to do the same without judging them or looking down on them (Mormon,…show more content…
A: That is a great question. It has shaped and changed every aspect of my life. It has allowed me to put off the natural man and be a better man, husband, brother, and disciple of Christ; in some ways, I am not perfect. It shapes every decision I make. It is who I am. It allows me to be what I want to become. Q: Were you raised in this religion? If not, what made you choose it? A: I was, but I still had to choose if I wanted to follow it. My parents never forced me to be a part of this religion. Rather, they allowed me to choose for myself. They instructed me in the ways of this religion. Though, they also encouraged me to seek for the truth for and of myself. I have studied various religions, and after much prayer, study, and fasting, I choose this one. I have come to know through and by revelation from and of God that this church contains the fullness of the gospel and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. That is why I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Q: Are there any major challenges in practicing this particular

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