Christian Worldview Essay

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Worldview Assignment Part I: Weider & Gutierrez, (2011), state, a “Worldview” is broken down to three simple components; “a person’s philosophy of life, second, a framework a person brings to decision making and lastly, a filter or lens which a person uses to interpret life and the world around them”, (p.60). I agree with this statement however, the last part really brought home my understanding of the concept. As a Christian, I strive to approach all aspects of my life looking through the “lens” of scripture and my personal convictions, when making decisions. I attribute my successes’ in life because of my adherence to this principle. I learned long ago as a new Christian that if I leaned on my own understanding and trusted my “gut”, I would probably arrive at the wrong decision. This is not due to a lack of intelligence on my part but rather the understanding of the fact that my carnal man, if left to making the decisions for my life, will stray to the things of this world. So I must trust in the Lord for His guidance and direction. Part II: Origin: As stated in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). I would like to emphasize the first part of that scripture, In the beginning God… My worldview begins and ends with that fact. Moses knew Him as the “I AM”, as found in (Exodus 3:14). I know Him as Jesus. With my understanding of who God is I am enabled to know who I am. The Bible informs me in (Romans 8:15). That I have been adopted by God, and have now the right to be called a son of God, allowing me to cry out, Abba, Father. What a great thing not to suffer from an identity crisis in an hour when many in our world today, are spending thousands of dollars on psychologists trying to find out, “who they are”. I stand on the Bible as my unshakable foundation, which has proven itself to me both in times of

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