Explain The Seven Trends In The Workplace That Affect Business Communication

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1. Why is it important for business and professional students to develop good communication skills, and why are writing skills especially important? - Develop good communication and writing skills is extremely important in business. Because if you cannot write or speak crearly, so everyone can understand you, you will limit your abilities of being effective doing a lot of stuff in the business including meeting with clients, what is so important for the companies. 2. How are listening skills important to employess, supervisors, and executives? Who should have the best listening skills? - Listening skills are a very important part of a good communication on business, because it doesn’t matter how good you are as a speaker if you can’t hear.…show more content…
List seven trends in the workplace that affect business communications. Be prepared to discuss how they might affect you in your future career. - 1. Flattened management hierarchy: now you are held more responsible for decision – making. 2. More participatory management: now you are expected to contribute to productivity and profits is now everyone’s responsibility. 3. Increased emphasis on self-directed all part of the workforces work groups and virtual teams: You are expected to work with others creating teams for gathering information, finding and sharing solutions. 4. Heightened global competition – culture differences due to globalization where you must learn to cope with other cultures and develop sensitivity, flexibility patience, and tolerance. 5. Innovative communication technologies: work hand-in-hand with technology,: emails, faxes, computers, videoconferencing , Instant messaging , and the WEB just to name a few. 6. New work environment: Now there are flexible arrangements, where telecommuters or virtual team members, in other words work at home. 7. Focus on information and knowledge as corporate assets. Being well-informed at all times of what is new in the business world and sharing this information with

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