Public Services Unit 1 P1

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Public service Unit 1 P1P1: describe public service skills. Introduction Here I will explain the purpose and importance of public service and also explain the methods used in public service. Communication Communication is crucial in the public services. The person working in the public sector will need to have good communication skills so they can interact with their team and others around them. Communication is a big deal so they are taught these ability when they first start basic training. Effective communication is important in the workplace it helps them engage with their co-workers, so communication is top priority when it comes to public services. Non-verbal communication: Non-verbal communication includes body language, hand gestures it is important especially communicating with someone who’s English is poor or a deaf person. Your body language shows more than what you’re trying to say. Verbal communication: Verbal communication is the most effective communication it can be spoken over the phone and also face to face. The person working in the public sector will have to have good verbal communication so they wouldn’t be misunderstood. And also they have to be precise with their vocabulary, they can’t say a word that they are not familiar with or else they’ll end up confusing the individual. A paramedic will need to prepare themselves for what question their going to ask the person e.g. ‘have you got diabetes’ so they can react as fast as possible depending on the casualty. Verbal communication also consist listening because answering a question you haven’t heard is useless so listening is the key point of verbal communication
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