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Stress Kills – Chapter 8 Case Leonardo Caldeira Introduction to Management– MAN 2021 Professor Robert M. Downey – Broward College September 25, 2013 Case Background: Stress affects employees at work and is a serious concern. There has been suicides and psychological problems that people have to overcome. Companies have to resolve this by rebuilding the morale of their employees. Something that companies have been doing to help this issue is allowing employees to work from home so the person can balance their work and stress. The employees don’t like to be transferred to one company to another and they should look for other options. France Telecom is one company that is being investigated for suicide and analyzing what happened to hopefully prevent this in the future. 1. What is your reaction to the situation? What factors, both inside and externally contributed to the situation? I think that no matter how much stress you can be going through taking your life is just the easy choice, the easy way out. Instead, one should work hard and keep up never giving up. Some factors that contributed to this is that the employees were not being listened to when they expressed their problems. Several occasions the worker wrote and was not replied. The worker was also being transferred from one place to another involuntarily. Some external factors that contributed was the morale of the employee was down and they were going through some kind of trauma or suffering. 2. What appeared to be happening in France Telecom’s workplace? What stress symptoms might managers have looked for to alert the problem? In France Telecom employees were not being heard. The employees were being psychologically harassed. The company what not addressing the situation and saw like a fad among the workplace. The employers were pressured because of the fear of losing their

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