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LaQuana Douglas While researching the story Bartleby the Scrivener, I was perplexed by the narrator of thestory. The narrator speaks about a man by the name of Bartleby at the very beginning. My focusat this point was to find more information about this character Bartleby. I wanted to know who was this character and what point was the narrator trying to make by presenting this character. I focused on the characteristic traits of this character, how he was represented by the narrator. I believed my research would become successful once I found this information out. Many questions went through my mind as I read more about the character Bartleby. There was also a character in this story who was a lawyer, his name was…show more content…
I agree with this, the lawyer talks about the other scriveners that he had working in his office before Bartleby. The lawyer shares information with the readers about the other characters by describing the habits of the scriveners, than he speaks about the character Bartleby. Bartleby is this character that is introduced by the narrator as being someone who has answered an ad placed by the lawyer. proud of the Bartleby and honors him as being a good worker. One day the lawyer asks Bartleby to proof a paper for him and the response of Bartleby was “I would prefer not to”. With a response like this you would think that the lawyer would have fired him right away. Instead he finds someone else to do it. To me this was a mistake that he made and would regret later on in the story. The lawyer doesn’t think that Bartleby response was wrong in fact he thinks that it was in fact innocent. Thomas Dilworth states that Bartleby famous I rather not do it could only be understood by the unnamed lawyer due to the outer story which involves the…show more content…
My question to this was there a problem in Bartleby’s life? The narrator shows how Bartleby starts to just drift away, he starts off being a very excellent working to just not doing anything. He even begins to just stare at the wall. He is just there not wantingto do anything but just be there. My thought on this is that the lawyer is feeling sorry for Bartleby. The lawyer believes that the refusal means that something has disarmed him. It is more of a confusing for the lawyer because he knows what the potentials of the character, the lawyer even starts to blame himself for Bartleby’s refusing to do anything. Bartleby never leaves the office so the lawyer begins to watch him carefully. Why is the lawyer so concerned about the change in his behavior? The lawyer does not even want to fire Bartleby even wants to keep him on the staff. I researched this information further to find out, why was the lawyer keeping him on staff if he was not doing his job? The lawyer felt that if Bartleby was employed by someone else he would become mistreated. The fellow workers were upset by his refusal,

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