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Change Management Paper September 21, 2013 Change Management Paper In the past few years the bus industry has gone through major transformation. As technology continue to improve the way of operation for the bus industry. The bus industry has begun to implement new strategies and to improve ways of operation. Technology is becoming more widespread and people are becoming more dependent on technology each day. It is impossible to work or have a job without the use of technology. Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology regardless of the size and business location. The bus industry is no different than any other business. From the begging of massive transit transport to the present time, the public transportation bus system has evolved into a mainstream form of transportation. It is important for a business to continue to improve and keep up with technology and to stay competitive. Literarily thousand of people depend on pubic transportation to get work or school. The last thing any business need is to stay in the past and out of touch with the demands of the…show more content…
If an employee is already overloaded with work the last thing needed is a heaver workload. The person is afraid of extra work pressure. When people feel that a certain change requires that they work more, it is too much pressure (Calberg, 2007). Many employees may feel that they have lost control over their job. Employees are the driving force of any operation and to lose employee moral means, poor productions, and a negative workforce. Employee may feel an invasion of their privacy and territory. There is also the reason of losing his or her job. Technology displace old ones the threat of losing job security becomes a resistance. The fear of losing power has is one of the most important sources of resistance. Managers need to communicate any change in a plain and simple manner making it

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