Case Study 13 Tyrannical Or Terrific? An Employee’

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MNGT 3450 Case Study 13 Tyrannical or Terrific? An Employee’s Response to a Leader Defining the Context I’m Leron Edwards, owner of a high-end Italian shoe store chain. My most efficient store is “Palazzo Shoe Store” in Las Vegas. The shoe store is in the The Forum Shops attached to the Caesars Palace. This store has a unique collection of shoes and many people make trips to Las Vegas specifically to visit this store. Most clients at this store are wealthy and come to spend considerable amounts of money. Palazzo Shoe Store is managed by Ava Yamamoto. Ava has worked at Pallazzo for almost ten years; she takes the job very seriously and likes everything to be perfect in “her” store. So far, Ava has been very successful with running the store, but employees feel intimidated by her, as she is very critical, focuses only on correcting employees’ mistakes and never praises their work. Palazzo Shoe Store has seven other employees apart from Ava. Michael, who had been there the longest and was the top seller, Nikki, the assistant manager, Fernando, who had been there second longest and had Nikki’s position before her, Isabelle who came at the same time as Nikki, Jose, who had been there for about eight months and did not seem to take the job too seriously, Heather, the main employee we’re focusing on in this case and who had reached second place after Michael, and Maria, who was hired one week before Heather. Employees at Palazzo receive either an hourly wage or the 9.75 percent sales commission if it is higher than the wage. To make the work even for everyone, employees have an “Up Dog” list with the employees’ names; the name that is at the top of the list has to deal with the customer coming through the door. After the 9/11 incident, several things changed. The store started closing earlier, Las Vegas casino industry suffered great losses and airlines cancelled

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