Equal Wages Amongst Men and Women

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Should Women Earn Equal Wages as Men Shennell Witcher ENC 1101 Composition I March 31, 2012 Should Women Earn Equal Wages as Men Should there be equality among men and women within the workplace? Some believe the discrimination weighs heavily on women with the exception of the few who feel men have been discriminated against in more female dominated jobs such as nursing, dining room attendants and education fields. An article from Wikipedia (2012), suggest that gender inequality refers to the disparity between individuals due to gender and that gender is constructed socially through social interactions. The difference of wages between two groups as a result of bias towards a specific trait with all other characteristics of both groups being equal. For a long time the gender of men has been favored over women with similar or equal strengths (Wikipedia, 2012). You would think that this form of discrimination would be over by now, but from my previous experience with working in a field or environment with a majority of men. I ‘ve got seven years experience in construction and carpentry, being the only woman on the crew, I had to jump and dodge plenty of obstacles along the way. Being the only woman on a construction crew, I had plenty of bad days because it was very challenging at times. I receive a lot of compliments all the time from people telling me I have a lot of strength to be a women, but for some reasons my co-workers wasn’t interested in my strengths. I’m currently not working in construction, but when I did work, my pay was always twice as less than the male co-workers, I was sexually

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