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Luke M. Hamilton Prof. Carol L. Herrick ECON: 2900 March 23, 2014 Pittsburgh vs. Union The economic concept I chose was labor union, or an organization of workers formed to protect the rights and interests of its members. This economic relates to my article because my article is about how Pittsburgh’s biggest employer, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is currently in a showdown with the Service Employees International Union. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, or UPMC, has 22 hospitals and around 62 thousand workers. The union is looking to organize more than ten thousand of UPMC’s service workers, and demanding that hospital raise wages. The union has organized…show more content…
Meanwhile some food service workers are claiming $12.85 an hour is not enough to raise a family on or even live in Pittsburgh. Such as Christoria Hughes, a food service worker who has been working at UPMC for the last 6 years, she claims the $12.85 sounds good but on paper its under $350 a week. Mr. Peaslee said his employees are being paid fairly and are receiving great benefits with plenty of career opportunities. Referring to the tuition assistance plan, pension and 401(k) match. However as good as all of that sounds, once again do not judge a book by its’ cover. A housekeeper working for UPMC and making $12.07 an hour claims some workers could not even afford college or to add money to the plans. The union’s campaign is to be seen as making incredible strides in helping their workers break the cycle of poverty and join the middle class. S.E.I.U. is backed by Pittsburgh’s mayor Bill Peduto, and the people of Pittsburgh. UPMC was already in the hot seat after shutting down a hospital in a struggling suburb and refusing to accept the “Highmark” health plan, or Pittsburgh’s most popular health plan. Some wonder, “Why is only one sixth of UPMC’s employees supporting the union?” Some pro-union believers claim people fear UPMC, and if you are seen supporting the union, UPMC will come…show more content…
However UPMC has argued they have provided $887 million last year in charity care, donations for scholarships, and subsidies to its medical school. Also claiming the corporate jet is largely used to fly teams of executives and doctors to Italy, Kazakhstan, and other countries to for-profit operations that provided $400 million in profit to bolster the nonprofit activities. UPMC has claimed to accuse the union of telling pro-union employees to underperform at work so they will get disciplined, allowing the union to claim these employees were punished for pro-union activities. UPMC is surprised they have not fallen for more of the union’s “traps” like these. However the union seems to have a lot of UPMC’s employees on their side, some like Julie A. Decker believe unionization was not needed, and that the union was not gaining traction. UPMC is giving the demand for $15 an hour little sympathy, responding by telling those wanting the $15 an hour, “they should go back to school.” The union has shown UPMC an M.I.T. study showing a worker raising one child living in Pittsburgh needs $17.01 an hour to meet minimum living standards and that two adults raising two children each need $16.81 an hour. UPMC responded by claiming if they paid their employees at a $15 hour minimum it would cost UPMC $600 million a year and wipe

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