Walmart By Ehrenreich Analysis

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The “selling” section of Enrenreich’s book was really the turning point of the book for me. The first two sections focused on jobs that I really could not relate to, as they were random businesses in areas of the United States I have never visited. When Barbara decided to take a job at Wal-­‐Mart, America’s largest private employer, I was finally able to relate to her struggles because I am very familiar with the company. After reading about the struggles both Ehrenreich and her close co-­‐workers faced, I am very supportive of her decision to leave Wal-­‐Mart in hopes of securing a higher income job elsewhere. The company seems to really know and understand the situation their employees are in and they definitely use that to the advantage…show more content…
Barbara will now be unemployed until she secures a job elsewhere, and with almost her entire earnings at Wal-­‐Mart invested into her barely livable hotel room, she really has no extra money to get her by with living essentials until she is employed again. Leaving Wal-­‐Mart seemed like a viable option to her because she had extra money saved away because she is not actually living on minimum wage. At the end of the day, Barbara has enough money to keep herself fed, clothed, and under a roof. Her friend, Melissa, on the other had, has very little money saved up and may not actually be able to sustain normal living conditions while in-­‐between jobs. In conclusion, I applaud Ehrenreich for taking a stance against Wal-­‐Mart and deciding to leave her job there. However, many employees of that company live pay check to pay check and have no spare money to sustain themselves while looking for another job. It is my belief that Wal-­‐Mart understands this and decided to milk their employees for every extra dollar they can get to maximize the profit for the organization. A more realistic approach for Ehrenreich, if she was actually a minimum wage worker, would have been to form a union and strike against Wal-­‐
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