Examples Of Equality In America

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Equality in America America has always been a land of opportunity, equality and hope. It is the place that many have fled and continue to flee to in search of a better life. In America we believe that everyone should be treated equally; that there should be no discrimination against anyone, and we should all have the same opportunities. This equality however is often focused towards race, gender, color, etc…and hardly ever towards income status. In the United States of America, there are mainly two kinds of economic statuses seen: very wealthy and very poor. The middle class which is also known as the working class, often leads down to poverty more then up to wealth. An example of this is Ms. Ehrenreich Although Ms. Ehrenreich was not starving or literally homeless, she was nearly living in poverty. She was not living in a stable home that is steady against wind, storms or any natural disasters; she was merely living a in a trailer. Of course, she could have rented a more stable home, but with her current job that pays minimum wage that is nearly impossible. Half of…show more content…
A person who works full or close to full time should be given the opportunity to live a comfortable, productive life. With today’s economy however, many people are working hard and hardly gaining any benefits from their wages. Between the sky-rocketed house mortgages and the increasing gas prices, almost 70% of monthly earnings are spent on housing and transportation. After housing and transportation, very little money is left for utilities, personal necessities and perhaps entertainment if time allows. Life in America is about finding one’s dream and pursuing it; however, it has become very difficult for anyone to find their dreams due to work problems. With the high unemployment rates, there is almost no room for career improvement, which prevent most people from advancing in

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