The Working Poor - Book Report - David K Shipler

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The Working Poor: Invisible in America, by David K. Shipler, Poverty is an endless and vicious cycle. It stops at nothing to preserve itself. It affects around 1.3 Billion people and most likely will never stop. There are many reasons for poverty being hard to end. Once you are in poverty there really is no way out. Poverty forces your offspring to take up work earlier. This causes them to not follow through with higher education preventing them from obtaining higher skilled jobs. The earlier you have to start paying bills the earlier you get into debt. Debt is something else that is very hard to overcome. Due to the fact that poor people are poor, there is less trust between them and banks. Therefore they pay more interest than many other people. High interest rates prevent people from coming out of debt. They will always have to pay more than other people even though they are the one making less money than everyone else. Prices are catered to the average working person, making an average salary, paying average bills. People in poverty make below average money, pay above average bills. Social scientists can document the multiple causes of poverty. But, researchers are not shadowing light on why low income people are poor and often stay that way. A healthy, vibrant family man, and a prize winning journalist David K. Shipler seemed concerned about others than about himself. The Working Poor: Invisible in America, tells us that poverty is the fault of society. The poor faces a system that makes it almost impossible for them to rise. The writer, describes the lives of America’s low wage earners and families living in or near poverty line, interviewing many individuals and narrating their stories in great details. Poverty in America knows no ethnic or racial boundaries, tycoons and organizers profit from cheap labor to stay in line of work. The
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