How Do Poor People Survive in America

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Patrick Wallace Professor Schryburt English1055-Essay-2/draft 1 The Working Poor How do the poor survive in America? In the book Nickel and Dimed. Barbara Ehrenreich investigates workers in three areas who are working at minimum wage. She pretended to be poor and took a waitress job in Florida, then a maid position in Maine, and worked for Wal-Mart in Minnesota. Ehrenreich’s found that the people that stuck at these jobs are not college students just trying to make it through college. This author viewed the customs, standards and hierarchy found in the staff of each job, because she tried to live like they did. All across America people have been finding it hard to make ends meet with low-paying jobs, especially if they have a family. According to the national coalition for the homeless, in 1998 it took on average nationwide, an hourly wage of 8.89 per hour to afford a one bedroom apartment. In her study Ehrenreich made rule on that she had was she could not use any skills that she obtained through education to get a job. Rule two she had to take the cheapest living arrangement that she could find without jeopardizing her safety and privacy. Then she had to come up with a plan on how to explain lack of job experience when job searching. She mostly described herself as divorced home marker reentering the work force. Ehrenreich found out that the bureau of labor statistics found that full time private household workers and servants earning a median income of 223 a week n 1998 which is 23 week below the poverty level for a family of three for a 40 hour a week jon so the pay of a maid should amount to be 266 or 43 above the poverty level. Many of the working people in America suffered in economic slowdown. A lot of us work really hard just to make ends meet and be able to live and pay bills. So
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