Xbcom/275 Communication Process Model Research Paper

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Communication Process Model Dean Myers XBCOM/275 November 30, 2014 Andrew Trippi Communication Process Model The worst communication error I have experienced was a special project for a distribution center I was put in charge of at a last minute detail. Before reading and understanding the project I was designated too doing I was instructed by the GM (general manager) on Thursday to order several hundred corrugated boxes to tear down several item numbers of Crayola crayons to combine them in a different custom package making a special variety package for a specific customer and was a weekend project consisting of 25 employees. I had Saturday and Sunday eight hours each day to complete the full truckload and have it delivered on Monday. The request…show more content…
After calling the GM at home and explained the issue I was having he blamed me for ordering the wrong item. I was forced to continue braking down the product and sent the crew home when it was finished followed by canceling Sunday shift. Monday rolls around and I reorder the correct product and they rush the order to be delivered Tuesday 8:00 am. The GM approaches me late Monday morning to explain that he told me the incorrect item number according to his notes taken at the time of the meeting with the GM and the customer. He went on to discuss how he should have had me present in the meeting to go over important details to make the project on budget. I feel it would have been wise for me to be present at the meeting even if it was just to discuss the project and then be dismissed. I should have been direct report of these details instead of the GM handing me the detailed documents on Friday at end of day along with a short briefing. At the worst I should have been e-mailed the details shortly after the meeting and would have had more time to view the project on paper to be more

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