Brownie Factory Case

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INTRODUCTION: John and Terri Pollock owned and operated a small wholesale bakery operation in Charlotte, North Carolina. Instead of making many different kinds of products, they wanted to focus just on brownies and make them gourmet. They became excited about the product and John found information on ways to market the brownies. They wanted to tentatively change their name to The Brownie Factory. They were faced with a decision that had to be made promptly: to stay the small wholesale bakery or make their gourmet brownies. The bakery had been in operation for 20 months and experienced a steady increase in sales. This was due to their commitment to quality. They sold their goods to restaurants and specialty shops in the area. They used quality ingredients and mixed the product by hand and went by the rule of thumb that if they were not completely satisfied with the product they would not sell it to their customers. This company is having problems based on the fact that they want to increase sales but are having trouble determining how to better market their product. They do not have any official employees. Terri makes the brownies and John makes the deliveries. If they needed extra help they would call upon family or friends. Also, John does not want to have a retail shop. This case analysis will examine some of these problems and offer some solutions. MISSION: The Brownie Factory views itself as a gourmet brownie manufacturer. They have a high commitment to quality by using all natural, quality ingredients and hand mixes their products. They cater to the needs of their customers by offering special flavors of brownies. If they are “not completely satisfied with a product it will never be delivered to a customer.” They feel as though the quality of their product outweighs the price. Internal Analysis: See Attached IFEM. The Brownie

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