Bus 475 Final Strategic Plan Paper

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Final Strategic Plan Melita Dillard Integrated Business Topics/475 January 20, 2014 Professor Brian Duhart Introduction The beginning of a business requires lots of research to develop unique techniques to increase the consumer base and put the company in a class by their selves. It is important for every business to create a strategic plan and the SWOTT analysis is vital with guiding the direction of the business plan. When creating a business plan one must have a vision, mission, and values that are tied to the plan to show what the business stands for. Bakery Delight Café is a place where consumers can come to enjoy and relax before and after work. The staff at Bakery Delight Café is committed to provide superior service at a reasonable…show more content…
The company wants customers to feel no matter what type of day they have they can come to enjoy organic bake goods and a relaxing atmosphere at Delight Bakery Café. Delight Bakery Café SWOTT analysis report will need to focus on questions pertaining to the company’s strengths, advantages, resources, market strength, and what makes them stand out from their competition. The SWOTT report will gather internal and external information on the company from surveys on customer’s opinions along with the competition this will help to identify the company strength. The next step will be to identify the company weakness by asking questions like what can we improve on or what changes would you like to see in the future. The company needs to identify what is the contributing factor in loss sales and revenue. Internal and External surveys should be done to identify the contributing factor for loss sales and revenue and the key will be to pay attention to details to locate the trouble indicators. Once the company has identified their strength and weakness they will need to identify opportunity for sales and revenue increase for the future. Some of the key questions to identify areas of opportunity are; what are the trends patterns of the customer, what changes in technology will affect this market, what affect the economy…show more content…
The creation of a roadmap to a strategic plan should be followed up with a scorecard of the business. The scorecard will allow the business to see if the roadmap is work or not and allow some adjustments to the plan where needed. As a small bakery it is important that my strategic plan helps to drive consumers and generate revenue. Small businesses needs to monitor their plan on a daily bases to stay ahead of the competition. Small business will need to think outside of the normal circumstances in marketing their product. For example large corporations offer BOGO but as a small business I can’t afford to do that so I offer a club membership stating after every 6 orders of $10 or more you will receive the next order of $10 or less on us. Every successful business must have a strategic plan and must implement it fiercely to be successful. It is important that a business monitor their strategic plan to ensure the plan is delivering everything outlined in the plan and if not then changes need to be made immediately. The scorecard will monitor the growth in each area to show what is working well and where changes need to be made. The scorecard will also help to identify how fast the changes need to be done to prevent loss of

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