Kudler Fine Foods: Psychographic Segmentation

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Data Memo MKT/435 May 26, 2013 Thomas O'Brien Data Memo FJR MARKETING INC. MEMO To. Kudler Fine Foods Management Team From: Frank Robles Date: 5/ 06 / 2013 Over duration of the next few weeks the research consultant of FJR Marketing, Incorporation will be supporting an organization by the name of Kudler Fine Foods in a course of accessing appropriate period in times to implement geographic, behavioral, demographic, psychographic segmentation into Kudler Fine Foods marketing assessments. It is a crucial process that Kudler Fine Foods understands amount of psychographic and demographic data and the appropriate data that is involved in the information needed about the most recent and future consumers. FJR Marketing Incorporation…show more content…
Management has expressed interest in serving this population and FJR agrees with the choice being that the subculture is profitable and great for marketing. Majority of the Asian community household consist of married families with dual income that can comfortably purchase products from Kudler Fine foods. Determining behavioral, geographic, demographic, psychographic variables in the Asian community was conducted. When FJR did extensive research they found out that people with similar backgrounds have the same thought process. Now, marketers can detect and segment similar groups with the macro-social environment such as; culture, sub-culture and social class. All of these environments have an immense influence of consumer’s attitudes, emotions, behaviors, values and group beliefs. Many emotions are in place, so the consumers may act differently to the marketing strategies of Kudler Fine Foods. Being, said Kudler Fine Foods can concentrate on the correspondence and not finish the similarity to the collection of these populations. These differences assist in making the macro-social environment operative for market segmentation. Social class and subculture can implement new insight into shared cultural values in significant units of consumers. Management for Kudler is highly aware of the great length of possibilities of targeting and possibly…show more content…
Kudler provides surveys for the consumer’s on their shopping experience which is not nearly enough. They need to conduct surveys in English as well as in Asian languages to gather as much data needed. They can also promote brand awareness by offering some samples of the gourmet foods and fine wines offered. Sponsoring certain events will also help promote business and promote their products. FJR has discussed the research with management and highly recommends that they do not open any new locations until further research has been done in other areas. It is very expensive and time consuming opening new locations and Kudler does not have the financial means to do so just yet. What Kudler Fine Foods needs to focus their attention on is other competitor in the market. They can offer coupons or special promotions towards maybe the first of the month which will attract consumers into purchasing more products because most consumers get paid at that time. Kudler will also advertise to the Asian community by having advertisements in their language. They can also go green and advertise recycling on the grocery bags that will be attractive to consumers that recycle and care about the environment. All these strategies will have an advantage over the

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