Wegmans Case Study

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Antwonne Pierce Case Study Week 1 1. Customers judge the quality of a supermarket in different ways. They judge a supermarket in terms of their own needs and their perception of the shopping experience. This experience includes customer service, price, and convenience. For this reason supermarkets have to try and provide select products based on demographic information. For example in high end affluent markets Wegmans provides services that will not be found in their more urban demographic locations, such as; ready to eat gourmet meals, sushi, and premium coffee shops. The quality of the customer service that customers receive in the store also plays an important role. Customers will feel more comfortable shopping in a supermarket that provides consistent and quality customer service. Many customer service experts will argue that customers do not mind paying more for goods if they know they will always receive excellent customer service. Customer service is also important to an organization because it can help differentiate a company from its competitors, according to the article titled "The Importance of Customer Service" at Drew Stevens Consulting website. For example, it may be difficult to tell the difference between two small-town drug stores, especially if their prices are similar. Therefore, putting extra efforts into customer service may be thing that gives one drug store a competitive advantage. 2. A. Customer Satisfaction is an important factor to the success of a supermarket because of the nature of a supermarket. A super market is a neighborhood store that patrons who live near by will visit often. By default, customers will come back weekly to buy essentials like grocerys and tolietries and by providing the best customer service, the supermarket ensures that they win the customers loyalty, in spite of other factors that may lead them to
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