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Bronze Bow Summary Chapters 4-7 Daniel has come back to the house for a day or two to see how his family was doing. They gave him what food they had but he was still very hungry, he did not want to ask for more because he knew the response would be there is no more. He went to bed wishing he was with his friends in the cave and that he had a full meal. The next day was the Sabbath and a man named Jesus was going to speak at their synagogue. Daniel was exited to hear from Simon that he was a zealot like himself, but in the synagogue Daniel thought how could he be a zealot because he is saying let the Romans oppress us. Daniel was mad and confused at this because he hated Romans and did now not like Jesus because of what he said about letting…show more content…
He got to his house and Joel took him up to his room ere they could talk in private. Joel didn’t have much time to talk because it was almost supper but Joel still doesn’t know about the job because they were talking about Samson while they were in his room. At supper they ate in peace but then Joel’s dad started to question him he blew and went on a tangent about the Romans and got kicked out of the house and didn’t complete his mission. Daniel was embarrassed and angry that he had failed so on his way back he ran into a roman while drinking water and Daniel gave the horse water and gave the man the same water so he kicked the bowl out of his hand. That made Daniel furious so he hurled the bowl at the Romans face and dashed away but while he was running he got nicked with a spear and hid in house for a while. He knew he had to get to Joel’s otherwise he would not live. When he got to Joel’s he passed out and they hid him for weeks and then when he got better he told Joel about being a spy. Secretly he pretended not to be able to walk but practiced it when Joel and Thacia were not around and one night when he thought he was good enough he left and made it back to the base of the mountain. From there Samson carried him up the hill

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